Personal Counseling & Wellness Services at College of San Mateo - Overview


Summer 2020 grades available
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Fall Semester 2020 begins
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Labor Day Weekend
September 5-7, 2020
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Personal Counseling & Wellness Services


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Personal Counseling & Wellness Services

Public Safety/Medical Services
Building 1, Room 147

Psychological Emergency

If you are experiencing psychological emergency, please call Crisis Hotline at 800‑273‑8255 (Spanish: 888-628-9454), dial 911, or go to the psych emergency room.

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

Relationship/Domestic Abuse

If you are experiencing relationship/domestic abuse, call CORA's 24-hour hotline at 800‑300‑1080.

Personal Counseling Services is closed between July 24 and August 18, and our services will resume on August 19th in the fall semester.  While we are closed, you can contact us by emailing to make counseling appointments for the fall. 

Off-campus mental health resources:

USC Telehealth: Free online therapy up to 12 sessions: 866-740-6502
One Life Wellness Center: 650-394-5155
The Wright Institute: Free up to 8 online sessions: 510-239-2018

Mental Health Apps:
LYFTLY: Free mental wellness app
TALKSPACE: Messaging therapy, free for three months

Personal Counseling & Wellness Services is offering remote counseling services during the campus closure.

You can schedule a personal counseling appointment by emailing or clicking on the link below from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm.  A staff member will respond to you via Zoom as soon as possible during business hours.

If you are looking for an academic counselor to talk about classes, please visit the Counseling Services website.

We look forward to helping you to support your mental health and well-being during the campus closure.

If you you have any questions, please email

Our personal counseling center provides free, confidential counseling to students enrolled at College of San Mateo.

We are a caring group of counselors, dedicated to serving you in handling crises and exploring personal issues and decisions so you can successfully continue in college.
Referrals to other on-campus or off-campus resources are also available.
We offer the following brochures for Faculty and Staff members.